Sloane’s House Paediatric Respite & Hospice Care Centre

Sloane’s House is where families of children, up to twenty one (21) years, with complex health needs will come to join our family of caring professionals; a supportive community of parents and caregivers. Located in Whitby, it will be available for those living across Durham Region and in the surrounding underserved communities. A rejuvenating place for respite stays offering engaging programing for the child or young person, while parents and other caregivers take a much-needed break. And for those children and youth who are on their end-of-life journey, a place where specialized care will be provided in an environment where quality of life will be the focus for however many days remain.

With an estimated 1,900 children with medically complex needs in Durham Region and surrounding communities, 800 in Durham alone, this centre will be a welcoming “home away from home” where  children and their families, feel cared for by our experienced professionals, based on the family’s shared values, beliefs, needs, hopes and goals for the present and the future.

While partnerships with Grandview Children’s Treatment Centre and other organizations provide access to complementary services, families in Durham Region are having to travel to Toronto or Ottawa for respite, palliative and end-of-life care.

We have the land but before we can put a shovel in the ground, we need to raise funds!

Your support is welcomed and appreciated.

The Plan

Durham Region’s Paediatric Respite & Hospice Care Centre

Our plan is to build a dedicated centre that embraces the entire family in an inclusive environment where every member of the family will be encouraged to visit and spend time. A paediatric respite & hospice care centre for children with complex care needs must therefore be equipped to provide the same intense care and vigilance that they receive at home. Sloane’s House caregiving team will provide around the clock personalized service, from infants to teens, focusing on each child’s particular developmental needs. Medically fragile children with complex care needs are still children and, like all children, they feel the need to see and interact with children their own age. Sloane’s House will be a place where children can enjoy life in the company of other children.

Read the Sloane’s House Strategic Plan

The Need

With an estimated 1,900 children with medically complex needs in Durham Region and surrounding communities, 800 in Durham alone, the need for this paediatric respite and hospice care centre is clear.

Once it is in operation, Sloane’s House will be a place to be among friends, have fun and celebrate life. It will offer relationship based, family centred support that includes siblings and extended family/caregivers. It will offer an avenue for peer support through a network of other families. It will be a rejuvenating, judgement-free place for respite, where families will be cared for based on their values, beliefs, needs, hopes and goals for the present and future health of their child.

Through a hub of community partnerships and as part of the care continuum, Sloane’s House will strive to be an extension of the family by building capacity and celebrating life.

Realizing The Vision

The Location

Through the generosity of donors West Whitby Landowners Group, we have secured land at Des Newman Dr and Dundas in Whitby and are looking to raise funds to build this facility to serve the community of Durham Region and the surrounding under-served regions.

Please join us on our goal of providing this much needed service in our community.

The Inspiration

Sloane Pasher

On March 18th, 2010, Neil & Stephanie Pasher welcomed Sloane to their family, which already included twin 2 year-old daughters, Kinleigh & Avery. Within weeks, Sloane was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome. The Pashers’ lives were dramatically changed from that day forward. They spent many multi-week admissions at the Hospital for Sick Children in the early years with numerous ICU visits and some very close calls during the first 2 years.

The level of stress the family was under was indescribable. The pressures of caring for Sloane, while continuing to provide a healthy and happy home for the twin girls placed an enormous amount of strain and stress on the Pashers and their families, both emotionally and financially.

The Pashers always felt like they were well supported by friends and family but still struggled with frequent admissions, weekly specialist appointments, financial & emotional strains. Taking care of a child with a life threatening illness is not easy; it truly requires commitment and sacrifice. Time and time again we hear from the families of children like Sloane, that all they need is a break from caring for their child. It was through these conversations that their dream to open a paediatric respite care centre in Durham Region began.


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