Request for Proposals

Sloane’s House Request for Proposals for a Fundraising Feasibility Study

November 18, 2022

Project Overview

Sloane’s House is seeking a qualified independent consulting firm for the purposes of conducting a fundraising feasibility study for our organization. We are looking for a partner who is experienced with planning and conducting a fundraising feasibility study and is familiar with the Community and Health Services environment in Durham Region. The plan should assess our current situation, potential fundraising capacity for a campaign and make recommendations on a strategy to maximize our fundraising efforts. A project budget, timeline and action items should be clearly identified.

Organization Background/Overview

Sloane’s House is where families of children, up to twenty-one (21) years, with complex health needs will come to join our family of caring professionals; a supportive community of parents and caregivers. Located in the Durham region, it will be a home away from home for medically fragile children, offering respite, palliative and end-of-life care.

While partnerships with Grandview Children’s Treatment Centre and other organizations provide access to complementary services, families in Durham Region are having to travel to Toronto or Ottawa for respite, palliative and end-of-life care.

With over 1,900 medically fragile children in Durham, this centre will be a welcoming place where children, with medically complex health needs, and their families feel cared for and comforted, available for those living in Durham and the surrounding under-served regions.

Vision and Mission


A paediatric respite and hospice care centre to be created in Durham Region, Ontario, founded on and guided by shared values, we will redefine paediatric respite care through personalized and contemporary care for children as well as their caregivers and families, to strengthen the fabric of their families and communities. Sloane’s House will demonstrate leading practices, innovation and a high level of skill, training, and compassion in the delivery of its care, upholding the dignity and respect of each individual.


What we do:
Enrich the lives of children with persistent high health needs, their families and caregivers.

How we do it:
By providing a personalized family centered approach to safe & contemporary care.

Why we do it:
Because Durham families need a place for respite and hospice care

Current Situation

Our plan is to build a dedicated centre that embraces the entire family in an inclusive environment where every member of the family will be encouraged to visit and spend time. A paediatric respite and hospice care centre for children with complex care needs must therefore be equipped to provide the same intense care and vigilance that they receive at home. Sloane’s House caregiving team will provide around the clock personalized service, from infants to teens, focusing on each child’s particular developmental needs. Medically fragile children with complex care needs are still children and, like all children, they feel the need to see and interact with children their own age. Sloane’s House will be a place where children can enjoy life in the company of other children.

With over 1,900 medically fragile children in Durham, the need for this paediatric respite and hospice care centre is clear.
Once it is in operation, Sloane’s House will be a place to be among friends, have fun and celebrate life. It will offer relationship based, family centred support that includes siblings and extended family/caregivers. It will offer an avenue for peer support through a network of other families. It will be a rejuvenating, judgement-free place for respite, where families will be cared for based on their values, beliefs, needs, hopes and goals for the present and future health of their child.

Through a hub of community partnerships and as part of the care continuum, Sloane’s House will strive to be an extension of the family by building capacity and celebrating life.

We are now at the point where we need to raise funds to build this facility to serve the community of Durham Region and the surrounding under-served regions.

Study Objectives

Our goal in conducting this funding feasibility study is to understand what the potential is for a fundraising campaign and to gauge the level of support for this project in our community. The feasibility study report should address the following:

  • Sloane’s House real and perceived strengths and weaknesses in fundraising
  • The community’s perception of Sloane’s House
  • Identification of potential leaders in the fundraising effort
  • Names of potential major donors/funders and what their interests might be
  • Determination of the amount of money that can be reasonably raised
  • Feedback on the preliminary Case for Support to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Other major fundraising campaigns in the area that might compete for the same donors
  • Possible alternatives for raising funds needed to complete the project
  • Roles and responsibilities of Board Members, staff and volunteers in a campaign
  • Appropriate timeframe for both the campaign planning study and the fundraising itself

Required Deliverables

  • Findings summary
  • List of key donor prospects and their potential interest, including giving range.
  • Key areas of the case for support that resonate or hinder.
  • Presentation of findings to the Board of Directors and key staff

Proposal Requirements

Firm Information
Provide firm’s name, address, website URL and telephone number. Include name, title and e-mail address of the individual who will serve as firm’s primary contact. Include a brief description and history of your firm.

Experience and References
Proposals should include a list of 3-5 references for similar projects that your firm has completed.

Project Approach
Please explain your project approach, style and process.

Schedule and Timeline
Proposals should include the proposed work schedule, timeline and deliverables resulting from the fundraising feasibility study. The contract is expected to begin December 13, 2022 and should ideally be completed by March 17, 2023.

Proposals must include the estimated cost for all work related to tasks and deliverables outlined in the Schedule and Timeline.


Proposals will be evaluated by a selection committee comprised of a maximum of three Sloane’s House board members and the Executive Director using the following criteria:

  • Consultant’s relevant experience and qualifications
  • Recognition of Sloane’s House geographic and operational environment
  • Work plan/ scope of work
  • Consistency with the proposal requirements
  • Value-added or innovation

Applicants may be contacted following the submission deadline for an interview or to answer clarifying questions regarding their proposal if necessary.

Submit To / Project Contact

Please email Amy Archer, Sloane’s House Executive Director ( by November 25, 2022 with any questions you may have regarding the project or RFP. All questions will be recorded and responded to on November 30, 2022.

Proposal Submission Process
We invite qualified candidates to submit proposals by 10am on December 5, 2022, via email to: with the Subject line “Build Sloane’s House”


Sloane’s House would like to conclude the fundraising feasibility study by March 17, 2023. The preliminary schedule is as follows:

Issue Request for Proposal Nov. 18, 2022
Questions from potential consultants accepted through Nov. 25, 2022
Responses to questions sent out by Nov. 30, 2022
Proposal due Dec. 5, 2022
Evaluation process Dec. 5 – Dec 12, 2022
Interviews conducted with finalists (if necessary) Dec. 7, 2022
Decision made Dec. 12, 2022
Consultant begins work Dec. 13, 2022